3 Most Sought-After Scholarships For Minority Students

Different kinds of grant systems are available for students to make their education affordable throughout the world. For starters, there are curriculums designed with students of all backgrounds in mind. These scholarships support the student's development in every area and are open to anyone. Some scholarship programs like scholarships for Hispanic students focus on minority students.  Private businesses, government agencies, nonprofits, and other institutions may all award such grants. Here's a list of a few scholarships that students can apply for right now:


Microsoft Scholarship

This scholarship can help you pay for college in another country if you're a promising student with international aspirations. High school seniors who excel academically and show promise as future leaders will be considered for this award. In addition to this, only about 300 students per year are awarded this scholarship, making it extremely competitive. More information about this scholarship, including minimum GPA and eligibility requirements, is available online.

McDonald’s Scholarship

Students can also apply for the McDonald's Scholarship, another well-known award. It's a scholarship awarded to high school seniors who have demonstrated exceptional talent and academic achievement. In addition to measuring academic performance, it also evaluates students' social skills and involvement in the local community. If you're okay with having your name considered among the top 5 scholarship recipients annually then, by all means, apply for this award.

AISES Chevron Scholarship

This is a highly prestigious as well as selective scholarship that is available for Indian students. For applying to this scholarship, students should have a GPA of 3.0 and must be interested in the energy industry with a background in projects and research in the industry. You'll need a high-grade point average to make the cut for this prestigious scholarship. You can take help from a reputable tutoring platform to achieve success in your application.

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